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Acadian, Cajun & Creole

These are links to information about Acadian genealogy.

Acadian & French Canadian Ancestral Home

Find genealogy, research, and history related to Acadians, French Canadians and Cajuns. Updated regularly and meticulously researched. You will also find data relating to the Acadian Deportation, lists of exiles, lists of prisoners, census records, family genealogies and a great deal more.

Acadian Cultural Society
Devoted to the study, preservation and promotion of Acadian Heritage and genealogy among individuals of Acadian descent.

Acadian Emmigration to Port Royal
Information on the emmigration of families. The six families of the first group formed part of the founding expedition to Cape Breton in 1713. Four were soldiers, whose wives were Acadians while the fifth was the widow of a minor official of Acadia, and the sixth a Port Captain.

Acadian Exhiles
The real Acadian exiles were much like Evangeline in their heartbreak from being forced from their homes. This page talks of the story.

Acadian Gen Web
Resources and links for researching your Acadian ancestors.

Acadian Genealogy Homepage
The FIRST (1991) and still the BEST Acadian-Cajun resource site on the 'Net! Well they may claim this, and it is hard to argue with.

Acadian History
A brief history of Acadia.

Acadian Migration
Maps and links on the migrations of the Acadians. In French.

Acadian-Cajun Chat
This ACADIAN-CAJUN Chat Room is provided for the convenience and pleasure of all Cajun cousins and friends and is intended to be used primarily for those folks wanting to discuss Acadian/Cajun genealogy and history.

Acadian-Cajun Website
This site is about the history and genealogy of the Acadian and Cajun people. It does not contain GEDCOMs or constructed genealogy (except for the section on the Hebert family).

Acadians in Nova Scotia
Information on over 40,000 Nova Scotian Acadians that can be found in several regions. Acadian history.

Acadie Net
Web portal for Acadian culture, history and genealogy. The site is in French, but worth the trouble of translating.

Afro-American Almanac
The AFRO-American Almanac ® is an on-line presentation of the African in America. A historical perspective of a nation, its people, and its cultural evolution. Includes the "Black Code" of Louisiana.

Association des Maillet de la Nouvelle-Écosse
Information on the Maillet Reunion. The third World Acadian Congress that will take place in Nova Scotia in 2004 will be a very special occasion. Not only will it unite Acadians from all over the world it is also the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the first French settlers in Canada.

Online publication and a voice for the Cajun people. Bilingual articles on Cajun culture and issues.

Avoyelleans: French Creoles
THE FIRST COLONISTS OF AVOYELLES Avoyelleans: Before the Cajuns...there were the Creoles A Brief Genealogy of the first families of a given name in Avoyelles, Louisiana.

Catherine Baillon Royal Connection Research Assoc.
Many people of French-Canadian ancestry can claim descent from Catherine Baillon. She was the daughter of Alphonse de Baillon, écuyer, and Louise de Marle. She was born around 1645, probably near Montfort-l'Amaury, Île-de-France, outside of Paris.

Creole Echos Homepage
Information on Creole heritage and history.

Creole Genealogy - St. Augustine Historical Society
Committed to the preservation of Creole heritage, the members of the St. Augustine Historical Society is committed dedicated to preserving all aspects of this heritage; projects are constantly ongoing toward this end.

Cy à Mateur
This site is in French, good information though, worth translating. Voici le premier site internet dévoué entièrement à la légende acadienne qui est "Cy à Mateur". Découvrez l'homme, sa vie, ses aventures et sa légende.

Dictionnaire généalogique des familles acadiennes
Stephen White's well documented work on Acadian genealogy that is firmly grounded upon the primary sources of information, while containing references to the best secondary sources. The first part of the Dictionnaire includes all the information available concerning those families who came into being before 1715. This information comes from the registers of more than 320 parishes, from the registries of more than 125 notaries, and from some 130 censuses or other lists of the residents of, and subsequently the exiles from, Acadia. Those who are interested in the subject will find in the Dictionnaire more than 700 notes that explain the reasoning that supports the author's conclusions.

Down East
A Maritime Heritage. Welcome! There is something here for everyone, be they ACADIAN, "NEWFIE", "LUNENBURGER", or KING'S CO, N.S. researchers. Family genealogies, birth, marriage and death databases, links to related sites, etc.

Ed Galvin's Genealogy
Ed is descended from many of the original Acadians, search his data on the web.

Encyclopedia of Cajun Culture
The Encyclopedia of Cajun Culture (EOCC) exists for the purpose of preserving and promoting Cajun culture, and for disseminating accurate information about Cajun culture for educational purposes.

Evangeline Debate
One of the effects that the publication of Evangeline was that it challenged traditional notions of the role of the British in the expulsion of the Acadians in 1755.

Evangeline Home Page
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was an American poet. He wrote the poem Evangeline, published in 1847, depicting the expulsion cadians.

Families of Amirault's Hill
Family genealogies of Amiraul't Hill, Surette's Island and environs in Nova Scotia. Articles, obituaries and local information.

Footprints of the Exhiled
An Acadian Pension

French Acadian Ancestry
Provides descendant charts for various Acadian families, Poems and Short Stories. In English et Français. The purpose of these pages is to share genealogical information with others of Acadian and French-Canadian Descent while working to preserve the great legacy of our forefathers.

Genealogy Acadian & French Canadian Style
This is Linda Jone's website and is devoted to Acadian and French-Canadian Genealogy, and especially to using computers for French-surname genealogy.

History of the Creoles in Louisiana
An excellent resource that includes census records, genealogy records and historical information.

History of the Madawaska Acadians
Informative History and links about the Madawaska Acadians.

Katheryn Coomb's Genealogy Page
This page is meant to serve as a quick index to her various genealogy pages scattered all over the World Wide Web. Well researched and presented genealogy and many links to Cajun and Louisiana Acadian research.

Le Comité des Archives de la Louisiane
A non-profit support group for the Louisiana State Archives. Founded in 1978, Le Comité is a 501(c)(3) historical preservation group which purchases books and microfilm for the Archives, provides volunteers to assist in the Research Room, oversees the compilation and transcription of a number of record series, and holds genealogical workshops and seminars at the Archives.

Louisiana & Cajun Websites
Well done website with links to many things Cajun, including message boards and chat.

Louisiana Creole Heritage Center
The mission of the Louisiana Creole Heritage Center is to promote, foster and engage in activities and endeavors that relate to Louisiana Creoles and their culture.The Center also serves as a central clearinghouse/information bank for these communities and for those seeking knowledge, understanding and appreciation of Louisiana Creoles and their culture.

Municipality of Clare NS
Le festival acadien de Clare est le plus ancien festival acadien au Canada. Une semaine pleine d'activités: folklorique, traditions, tournois, artisans, théatre, défilé, musique...

PHDH - Programme de recherche en démographie historique
The main objective of the Programme de recherche en démographie historique (PRDH) Web site is to make the genealogical information on old Quebec that we have been accumulating for 30 years available on the Internet. Its creation was made possible by a grant from the Government of Quebec’s Fonds de l'autoroute de l’information.

Pierre Chiasson & Marie Péroché
History, photographs and lineages of the first Chiassons. This site is in French.

Poitou, Acadie, Bretagne Genealogy
Information and links to the orgins of the settling families to Acadia and Quebec. This site is in French.

Post 1901 Census Website
Information on the ungoing progress in releasing post 1901 census information en francais http://www.globalgenealogy.com/Census/Index_f

Slave Manifest of New Orleans
A Partial Transcription of Inward Slave Manifests. The domestic slave trade transplanted approximately 1 million slaves from what was called the Upper South (primarily Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, Maryland, District of Columbia, North Carolina) to what was once called the Southwest (Alabama, Mississippi, Western Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas) between 1808, the year which the United States effectively abolished the importation of slaves and 1865, the year the Civil War ended.

Terriot Acadian Family
The Acadian Family of Jehan and Perrine Terriot. Information and history of the family including photographs. They welcome Terriot's of all nationalities and all who are interested in the Acadian story. Indeed, they are a multinational family.

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