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Bible Records

Bible Genealogy and Ancient History

Genealogy of the Bible that includes: individual details, Bible cross reference, Hebrew meanings of names, lineages, dates, maps, timeline, contemporaries. cities, countries and Ancient dynastic history of Mesopotamia and Egypt.

Bible Records Online
1067 Bibles Now Online 5302 Instances of 3273 Different Surnames

Family Bible Records
Bible data extracted from old family Bibles offered on Ebay. I am continuously adding to these Bible records transcribed from old Family Bibles so keep checking back for your family names. Be aware, there are other family names included in these Bibles.

Family Bibles on Ebay
Many people value family bibles for their historical, or monetary value, not necessarily the value they have for family research. Review what is for sale on ebay.

Georgia Bible Records
An archive of Bible Records from Georgia.

Maine Family Bible Archives
The following is Robert Taylor Collection of Maine Family Bible Records Courtesy of the Androscoggin Historical Society.

The Bible Archives
An archive of Family Bible entries that would be of interest to family historians, with contributions from many individuals. Sometimes these entries contain not much more information than "Ma died yesterday". On the other hand, complete marriage certificates, a list of the children, eventually their marriages and then the deaths are included. Did you know that a bible entry can take the place of a birth, death or marriage certificate when other vital statistic records cannot be found? These bible entries are usually copied and shared with other family members or included in printed genealogies, but they are rarely circulated outside the family....I would like to change that! I have embarked on an effort to collect the records contained in Family Bibles, Baptism Booklets, Death Books, etc., and make them freely available to all family researchers.

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