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Doukhobor Centenary in Canada

FOR THREE DAYS IN OCTOBER 1999, delegates gathered at the University of Ottawa to exchange ideas on the hundred-year history of the Russian Doukhobors on Canadian soil, as well as the events leading up to the arrival of some 7,500 of their ancestors from the Caucasus.

Doukhobor Collection
The collection was created ca 1962. Following the establishment of the Slavonic Studies Department at the University of British Columbia, and faculty involvement in Doukhobor research and consultative committees in the 1940s and 1950s, the library staff began to develop and maintain clipping files, and to assemble all available printed information on the Doukhobors.

Doukhobor Genealogy
The primary internet source connecting researchers of Doukhobor genealogy. This site is dedicated to the reclamation, discovery, collection, preservation and free sharing of information related to Doukhobor family history.

Doukhobor Saskatchewan Genealogy Roots
The Doukhobors were a communitarian, rural group of religious immigrants fleeing persecution due to politically different beliefs with the Tsarist Government of Georgian Russia and Ukraine in 1899.

The Doukhobor Collection, 1898-1930
The Doukhobor Collection database is comprised of over 120 primary source items (totaling over 400 images) dating from 1898 to 1930.

The Doukhobors in Canada: a select bibliography
With the assistance of Count Leo Tolstoy and British and American Quakers over 7400 Doukhobors emigrated in 1898 to settle in what was to become Saskatchewan.

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