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Eastern Europe & Russia

Archives in Russia

This is a brief extract from the ArcheoBiblioBase information system on archival repositories in the Russian Federation.

Center for Russian & East European Studies
Browse REESWeb's annotated links using any combination of: subject, Geographical region, culture, time period

East Europe Gen Web
Volunteer genealogists have set up a network of web sites to help answer the sometimes daunting questions about research in different countries.

Eastern European Information
Welcome to this page of information on Eastern Europe. There are many links to this area of the world. These are the best they have found.

Federation of East European Family History Societies
This is a do-it-yourself "destination" Web Portal to answer many questions relating to Central (German, Swiss) and East European genealogy.

Genealogy & Poland
This guide is designed for helping their descendants in researching their family's history dating back to different times and places in contemporary Poland.

Poland Gen Web
Online transcribed vital records, passenger manifest pages, tombstone inscriptions, and more.

Polish Genealogy Bridge
This link page is meant to be a guide for those of us searching information from the Internet on this subject.

Polish Genealogy Project
Strictly Polish Links.

Polish State Archives
Government Archives.

Researching Russian Roots
The astonishing thing about Russian genealogy is the fact that it is possible at all. Wars, revolutions and ignorance have destroyed a significant part of written records.

Russia Gen Web
This site is a gateway to Russia's basic genealogical resources.

Russian History
This page attempts to capture the flavor of the rich diversity evolving over Russian history.

Slovak and Carpatho-Rusyn Genealogy
Tools, resources, and information to help you search your Slovak or Carpatho-Rusyn family history and ancestry.

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