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Finding People


411.ca was founded in October, 1999 with the goal of providing Canadian Internet users with an online directory service. Our goal is to become the largest Internet Directory Service in Canada.

555-1212.com's site is leaner so you can find the information you need faster. We've given the site a cleaner look and reduced the number of ads to make the site easier to navigate. We've also made some popular features, such as Toll Free Listings, easier to find.

International Black Sheep Society of Genealogists
Association of Genealogists who have found "blacksheep ancestors" in their direct family lines, or under the "One Degree Rule" of the Society. Caution - Black Sheep Genealogy is addictive.

Internet Address Finder
IAF, allows you to find a person's E-mail address if you know that person's name and other information about that person, such as the company or organization they work for. In addition, if you already know a person's E-mail address, you can find out additional facts about that user.

Locating Living People
Links to places to search for people.

Who Where
Your Guide to People on the Web.

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