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GEDCOMtoHTML Publishing Tools

Most major genealogy programs come with the capabilities to create web pages from your GEDCOM. If you already have a software program, check it, you may be surprised. These include PAF (available for free from http://www.familysearch.com), Brother's Keeper, Family Tree Maker, Ancestral Quest, Family Origins, Generations and Ultimate Family Tree.

Dynamic Family Tree

Displays fully graphical, interactive family tree on a web browser (see example). Implemented as a Java Applet - very fast response to user actions. Shows children, spouse and four generations of ancestors of the individual at the tree focus.

GED2HTML is a program that inputs genealogical data in GEDCOM format, and outputs a collection of HTML files suitable for presentation on the World Wide Web. The input format it accepts is based on the GEDCOM 5.5 standard.

Ged2web is program for generating a set of web pages from a GEDCOM file.

GED2WWW is a free GEDCOM to HTML converter; it takes a genealogy database stored in GEDCOM format and produces a bunch of web pages from it.

Transforming your GEDCOM Files into Web Pages
Many in the online genealogy community are taking the GEDCOM output of their favorite genealogy software programs and converting it into HTML pages for display on the World Wide Web. This article reviews the use of the GED2HTML software program for converting GEDCOMs to HTML web pages.

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