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Ireland & Northern Ireland

Celtic Origins

Research, links and info.Celtic Origins is an Irish research company specializing in helping people of Irish descent trace their Irish Roots. Over the past three years we have assisted over 2000 clients in their search for their ancestors.

Co. Antrim Main Website
Irish links to email lists and websites for Northern Ireland, Co. Antrim.

Genealogical Resources for Ireland
This site has links to the best genealogical data sources, plus materials for sale to help you find your ancestry.

Hinchee's Genealogy Site
Links and information, personal genealogy.

Irish Ancestral Research Society
TIARA is a nonprofit organization established to develop and promote the growth, study and exchange of ideas among people and organizations interested in Irish genealogical and historical research and education.

Irish Family History Foundation
Gateway to discovering all about your Irish ancestry, roots, genealogy and family history from anywhere in Ireland.

Irish Genealogy on The Net
Links and information on Irish genealogy.

National Archives of Ireland
The pages below are intended as a guide to the resources of the National Archives of Ireland for members of the public who are beginning a search on the history of their family, and if read prior to a visit to the National Archives, will enable the staff of the Reading Room to better deal with any queries or problems which readers may have.

Norther Ireland Gen Web
locally and historically Derry, Irish Doire, old city area and larger coextensive district, formerly in the even larger County Londonderry, Northern Ireland. Administratively merged in 1969, the old city area and adjacent urban and rural areas later became one of Northern Ireland's 26 districts during local government reorganization in 1973; the district and city is officially referred to as Londonderry City.

OLochlainns Journal of Irish Families
This is the home page of the Irish Genealogical Foundation and OLochlainns Irish Family Journal.

Public Record office of Northern Ireland
The official place of deposit for public records in Northern Ireland. Our aim is to collect, catalogue and preserve any documents that provide a legal or historical record of the past.

The Belfast Newsletter
The Belfast Newsletter, an Irish newspaper that began publication in Belfast in 1737 and continues in business until this day, has good claim to being the oldest continually-published English-language newspaper. The final database of information contains nearly 300,000 items of news and advertisements.

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