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Acadian-Cajun Website

The Acadians were French settlers of eastern Canada who were exiled from their land in the 1750s. The Cajuns are their descendants who settled in Louisiana. Today, thousands of Acadian-Cajun descendants cherish their rich legacy of history and genealogy.

Chalmette National Cemetery
Confederate database.

Free People of Color in New Orleans
Today, commonly known as "Creoles" or "Creoles of Color", their descendants live in all parts of the country. Some have kept the language and culture bestowed upon them by their ancestors, some have lost this heritage to a more "American" way of life. The purpose of this web site is to educate others about the Creoles of the 19th century and to help present day Creoles learn more of their wonderfully rich heritage.

Louisiana Creole Heritage Center
The establishment of the Louisiana Creole Heritage Center is part of a five-year plan initiated by the St. Augustine Historical Society, a locally based group. The society was formed over 20 years ago to promote and preserve the Creole culture. Although initially its focus was the community of Cane River, it has broadened its range to include the entire state of Louisiana as well as Creole colonies located nation-wide.

Louisiana Vital Records
The Louisiana Vital Records Registry is the repository for Louisiana's birth, death, fetal death and Orleans Parish marriage records. (For marriage records for parishes other than Orleans, contact the Office of the Clerk of Court for that parish.) Birth records over 100 years old and death and marriage records over 50 years old are "public records" and may be obtained by writing the Louisiana State Archives.

State Library of Louisiana
The State Library serves the citizens of Louisiana through the public libraries across the state. State employees and officials can obtain materials directly from the State Library. State employees and officials wishing to obtain a borrower card can register online.

The USGenWeb Census Project Louisiana
Louisiana County Index for census.

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