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National Society Descendants of Early Quakers

To promote scholarly efforts towards the preservation of family documents, and records of the Society of Friends and to promote appreciation and recognition of the accurate and extensive family records kept by the Society of Friends

Quaker Families
Quaker Researcher Listings Researcher listings are available to anyone who is researching their Quaker lineage and would like to exchange information with others sharing similar surname interests.

Quaker Glossary
This glossary contains only Quaker jargon, i.e. words used in a special sense among Quakers. Other words are ignored here because they can be found in other dictionaries and glossaries.

The Quaker Corner
The Quaker Corner is the official repository for the QUAKER-ROOTS discussion group, a very active mailing list with over 1,200 subscribers. Many of them are helpful authorities on doing Quaker research and the Society of Friends, past and present.

The Religious Society of Friends
Information about Quakers.

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