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Archives Nationales du Quebec

Tous ces documents témoignent de l'évolution de l'administration gouvernementale québécoise et des grands mouvements sociaux, économiques et politiques qui ont marqué l'histoire du Québec. Ils proviennent de diverses sources.

Eastern Township Research
Genealogists researching the English speaking Protestant families in the Eastern Townships will find there is a wealth of information available. Church records, cemetery inscriptions, census records, etc. are available through a variety of sources.

First Census of New France (Quebec) - 1666
First Census of New France (Quebec) - 1666 This census is presented as the names were listed in ten regions. Includes: Statistics for the 1666 census from 'Censuses of Canada, 1665 to 1871, vol. IV; published in Ottawa, 1876 by I.B. Taylor. Glossary of some of the French words and phrases used in the census.

Birth and baptism records for French and foreign migrants who came to Quebec between 1621 and 1865. The purpose of the project is to make available a source of reliable data about origins of Quebec's settlers from 1600 to 1865.

Huntingdon, Beauharnois & Châteauguay Protestant parish registers
Searchable links to 34,001 19th century baptism, marriage and burial records of the Protestant Churches in Québec’s Châteauguay Valley.

Mount Royal Cemetery
During its over 140 years of service there have been more than 150,000 burials. Information on these burials may be requested using the genealogical research form on this site. Available in French and English.

Projet GenWeb du Québec
Une collection de données généalogiques québecoises sur le Web. Ce projet est une composante du projet GenWeb Canada. An On-Line collection of genealogy data. This project is part of the CanadaGenWeb.

Quebec and Eastern Township Genealogy
Quebec genealogy poses some interesting problems, and these problems are magnified in the Eastern Townships, which were largely settled at first by English-speaking people whose roots go back into the New England states. In an effort to help clear up some of these problems, I have indexed over 575,000 church, cemetery, census, and newspaper articles.

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