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Butkus A One Name Study

Information on the Butkus family gleaned from many different resources. I am willing to include variations on this surname as there is no telling what a clerk at the immigration centers or census takers or even the immigrants themselves might've created from the original versions of BUTKIEWICZ or BUTKIEVICIUS.

Family History Projects
Research on: Arundall, Adams, Wiggs, Stanier, and many more.

Resources for organizing your family reuinion. Browse and post announcements, ideas, tips and fun games for your family gatherings.

Genealogy uploaded by individuals for the exchange of information. Post messages to others researching the same individuals.

Hightower Family Genealogy
Hightower Family Genealogical Database, site of Anthony Lee Rockefeller.

US Genweb Kidz
Instructions, activities and homework help for doing genealogy. Geared towards children.

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